In Contemplation of 2017

Winter vacation is over, and we are slowly starting to get back to our normal day-to-day. The remaining holiday decorations have come down (save for the door wreath – I usually leave that up a while longer). Cleaning and cleansing of the house, while planned for earlier in the month have been a bit of a slog. I guess the blahs are stronger this year than I had previously assumed. There are still a few things to do before I pull out the smudge.

In my mind, I feel like I’m juggling a hundred paths forward, with no idea which ones to choose to follow. New adventures, both physical and spiritual are on the horizon for me. This new blog is likely where I will be keeping my free thoughts, crafts, and practises. The old blog is being retired after a long, and fruitful run.

Over the holidays, I received the unexpected gift of a Casio keyboard, so after years of wishing and wanting, I am finally learning to play piano (or “keys” if you prefer). It’s going well, so far. I think I have an aptitude for it, so long as my achy arthritic fingers want to cooperate.

The practical life of a mom resumes, slow and steady. After a month of cookies, goodies, and snacks, I feel like I’m re-learing how to cook nutritious meals. The kid is back in school, and I’m trying to fit errands around a strange mid-day class time while still finding the energy to be up and awake past 6pm.

I always have the urge to add more to my plate than I really need – things like a new fitness regime or a new diet are all very popular resolutions for the new year. I have decided not to do that this year. I walk the kid to school every day, and I hope to hit the treadmill at least once on the weekends (if we don’t end up going anywhere), but aside from that, I am keeping with a moderation diet. Eat what makes me feel good. Eat as much as I need to satisfy my hunger – no more, no less. Get out in the sunshine. Meditate. Smile more. Enjoy life outside of the computer screen.

I am considering a blog challenge to help fill things out a bit here. I haven’t decided whether I will do that or not yet. I am sure that I will have plenty to write about without the need for fodder, but some of them can be fun – providing, of course, that the prompts are well thought out and not terribly repetitive.

I’ve also had the urge to finally get moving on creating a Book of Shadows. Funds have always held me back from actually getting started. This year, I think I will be able to manage funding a post-bound leather BOS. It’s something I’ve been wanting for well over ten years. I think I deserve to treat myself to something that is just for me. I always start to balk at large purchases that I can’t say that I need, but I’m not getting younger, and I would like to have the book finished before my kids graduate school.

And then there are the devotional dolls. That has been moving slowly, but forward. I need a quiet day to get started on the sculpt. I think I will get back to that in the next few weeks.

I have also hopped on the adult colouring bandwagon as a way to keep my hands busy without actually doing anything productive. I find it to be deeply satisfying. I think I have spent far too long with the ‘Monetizing Your Hobbies’ monkey on my back. I hate it, and I am falling in love with doing something that can’t possibly make any money. There is a divine thrill to doing something that really is just for me. This is something that I will definitely be doing more of in 2017.

Like many others, I am optimistic about this new year, though that optimism comes with trepidation. I worry for my American friends. Their path will be a rocky one, but I have come to realize that my role is to focus on my own Craft. And be ready. Je suis prêt.